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God and Marriage
Dear Friends of "Dial Daily Bread":

To tell a great soul-saving truth in story form is the way the Lord does it. Jesus was a Master at telling parables. Genesis 24 is a fascinating love story, not a parable but every inch solemn truth, yet powerful in its impact. It articulates seven principles on which a happy marriage is based:

Marry only someone who believes the gospel (vss. 3, 4).
Long before you are ready to marry, “the Lord God . . . will send His angel” to prepare the way for your lifelong happiness (vs. 7).
Let your heart be guided by the Lord; ask Him for His leading (vs. 14).
The Lord has one “appointed” for you in His vast, loving foreknowledge (vss. 14, 44). Your job is to let Him lead you to find that one--a delightful adventure “in the Lord.” His leading will be evident (vs. 50).
Take your time, do nothing hastily (vs. 21).
You must also win the future in-laws-to-be (vs. 29-31).
Love must of course be mutual; and the end result is lifelong love and happiness (vs. 67). Very rare, but oh, so wonderful!

If we understand and believe “the truth of the gospel” (Gal. 2:5, 14), it will be virtually impossible to make the mistake of marrying an unbeliever. The love of Christ is a love that transcends all human love. One doesn't “marry” Christ, as nuns do; God has said clearly that “it is not good for the man [or woman, same word] to be alone” (Gen. 2:18). The Bible upholds marriage. The working power of love to bless our fellow-men is not doubled in marriage but increased ten-fold (cf Deut. 32:30; Joshua 23:10). The sacrifice of the Son of God, if it is understood even a little, demands that we give our lives to Him!  Marriage becomes the avenue of service to Him. Faith will permit nothing less. When anyone begins to appreciate the personal love of Christ for his/her soul, the thought of joining one's life to “an enemy of God” becomes abhorrent. You simply CAN'T do it--not if you appreciate the dimensions of the love of that One who went to hell to find you and save you!

If the sacrifice of Christ that redeems us from hell were better appreciated, there could not be so many Christless marriages entered into by people who have been baptized.

Robert J. Wieland

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